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Questions & Answers


Who are your travellers?
Private Vietnam Tourslers are of different nationalities and different ages, of different backgrounds, who just love travelling in Asia and discovering the authentic local culture.

Why should I travel with Private Vietnam Tours rather than other tour operators and travel agents?
Private Vietnam Tours was founded by a group of tour guides in Indochina who have been working in travel industry for years, having vast knowledge about places and tourist services throughout Indochina. We can negotiate and get more competitive pricings, so traveling with us is more cost-effective.

And with many years of working experience, we can design tour programs that exactly meet your interests and know how to help you get most from your holidays, optimizing the places you visit.

All of our tour guides are locals and they all are very open-minded, so they can give you the local perspectives about different things, they also know how to engage you in normal life of the local people. SO WE PROVIDE YOU WITH BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

What will happen when I arrive at the airport? Will I have to take a taxi and start an endless quest for my hotel?
Private Vietnam Tours tour guide will be holding a signboard with your name on it waiting just right ourside the customs area. After you get through the customs, just come to the one holding the above-mentioned signboard. He will escort you to our car, and off we drive to the hotel.

Who are Private Vietnam Tours tour guides? What will he do for us during our trip?
We are all locals, have at least one university degree, we love and have vast knowledge of our country and culture ! We all like people, love meeting with people, get addicted to travel and have travelled extensively throughout the region. We are so curious about foreign culture and love learning more, so let be our teachers!!!

Private Vietnam Tours has tour guides in all regions of your travel destinations. When you move from one place to another, our local tour guide will meet you and take you to your hotel. Your tour guide will give you information about each place you visit, the traditions and customs of the region, answer your questions about the area and its culture, give you the real local insights!

He would solve any problem that should come up. He is local, so he knows a lot of useful contact addresses when needed. Be prepared, he will take you to places not seen by other tourists and engage you in exotic experiences So with Private Vietnam Tours , you will have knowledge of the country from the locals!

Will you and your tour guides cut some parts of the included services?
Private Vietnam Tours are united tour guides striving to become the most-trusted and the best-customer-serviced tour operator in Indochina ! We know that our very existence and success depends totally on our clients' satisfaction of our services, and not on cutting parts of their trips, and we know that you know what we are doing. We'll give you full information when booking the tour about inclusions and exclusions and what you should expect to have from us. After each trip, we will hand out a feedback form so you can give us your evaluation of our services, should any problem happen we would correct it soon.

What are your services such as accommodation, transportation like?
We use modern and safe cars which all have good air-conditioning. We contract with hotels of old style, and usually hotels of 3-star standard or above ( with best location, good facilities and unique atmosphere).

Will my tour be private or will I have to share?
All tours directly booked through Private Vietnam Tours Offices are private. We do so because we think we can do more for you with your own interests without hassling others.

For some of our travellers who would like to join in a group and for those who book through our partnered agents, you will be informed before booking whether your tour would be private or not. But to minimize negative impacts on the local environment, on the local culture and to maintain our service quality, group size is limited to 12-15 people.

Also please remember that in some tour programs, we have to use airplanes and local trains or ferries, and surely you would be expected to share the means of transportation.

Why some meals are included, some are not?
Vietnamese, Cambodian, or Lao food is very cheap and very good, so generally we just include the food in the tour prices when in places there is no good restaurant such as trekking etc...(and we can hire someone to prepare your food) or some other times, we like you to socialize with the local people or to exchange culture with your tour guide.

When you arrive at the place, we will recommend some good restaurants and also you will know more about the food of the region and may like to try different dishes and different restaurants. So we think it's better to leave the choice to you. And if you still like us to include food in the tour price, so will we do.

What about tips and hidden cost?
There is no hidden cost at all! All trip costs on our web site are VAT included and just that! Tips and personal expenses are not included in our tour prices. If you are really satisfied with your tour guide or your driver, then small gratuity is a way of expressing your appreciation, totally at your pleasure! Usually an amount of USD4/day would be highly appreciated.