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Travel Stories are our travellers' experiences or our own ones. It could be a culinary experience or an adventure amid the wild mountains, or a memory of a travel companion....This is the place we share memories of our travel life. If you have one, please share with us...

10 cool destinations for summer holidays in north Vietnam

Suoi Giang tea land in Van Chan district of Yen Bai province. Suoi Giang is located on highway 32, going close to Nghia Lo, there is a way to turn to Suoi Giang, 1400m above sea level, so the temperature is also very cool, here you will have homestays to spend the night, enjoy local food and especially enjoy the famous kinds of tea of this land.
5. Mau Son mountain
Mau Son mountain is located in Loc Binh district of Lang Son province, about 180km from Hanoi, is a tourist area discovered by the French but long forgotten. Mau Son is one of the rare places with snow in Vietnam in winter, so the summer is very cool. The downside of Mau Son is that tourism is not very developed
, there are few services and places to keep visitors stay.

Discover the unique P'apiu Resort in Ha Giang

P'apiu Resort is nestled on the last peak of the long mountain range stretching from Vi Xuyen district to the cool green stream at the foot of P'apiu mountain, surrounded by mountains and forests. According to our research, this resort took 7 years to build, with the idea of a pecialized resort for the couples.
All staff at P'apiu are local people. The service workers even delivere the food by zipline, the main design style of the resort is based on the typical architecture of the H'Mong ethnic group.

Camping by the Boi river of Hoa Binh

Arriving at this part of the river, you can set up tables and chairs to enjoy the view in the middle of the river. The advantage of this place is that the space is very beautiful with green trees, undulating hills, clear water, very shallow as it is the beginning for the river source. Little children can also come to play. In the river there are many rocks and large gravel, so parents should bring plastic boots and shoes so that their children won't hurt their feet when walking in the river.

Dong Son ancient village

Dong Son is one of the villages with the longest history of formation in Vietnam. According to many documents, in the 20th century, this village was discovered by Western scientists with many archaeological remains of the Dong Son culture dating back to 2500 years.
In particular, this village is also the first place where ancient Dong Son bronze drums were excavated in the Hung King's reign thousands of years ago.

Top 10 Thanh Hoa tourist attractions visitors cannot miss

In general, the road to Thanh Hoa is quite easy to go, there are many transportation systems for you to choose from such as road, rail, air. If going from Hanoi you can go by road or rail.
Going from Saigon, choosing the air route is the best option (Thanh Hoa has Tho Xuan airport or you can fly to Noi Bai and then catch the car back to Thanh Hoa). Tourists traveling to Thanh Hoa on their own remember to bring a map of Thanh Hoa to avoid getting lost.

The secret tomb by Hoan Kiem lake that few people know

Con Coc flower garden, also known as Dien Hong flower garden, is located between major streets such as Ngo Quyen, Le Phung Hieu, Ly Thai To, and Le Thach. The flower garden is about 300m from Hoan Kiem Lake.

Once upon a time in the north

Once belonging to the three families that ruled the Northwest region in the last century, these mansions are associated with special historical stories with very different endings, if you have a chance to visit the mountainous Northest you must visit them.

3 ancient pagodas in Tu Tram Son mountain

The three ancient pagodas include Vo Vi, Tram Pagoda and Tram Gian located in Chuong My district, Hanoi, about 20 km from the city center. You can just follow Nguyen Trai Street to Ha Dong and then follow Highway 6 towards Hoa Binh, pass Yen Nghia bus station and Mai Linh bridge to Bien Giang ward. When the sign is about 1 km from the end of the inner city area, look on the right hand side, you will see the sign of Hanoi University of Physical Education and Sports and turn in. Going about 5 km further, you will see Tram mountain range (also known as Tu Tram Son) in Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi.

There is a Cu Vai airport in the sky

Cu Vai, in Thai language, means clouds across the sky. Standing here you can enjoy watching the high green mountains on all four sides with white clouds floating in front of you, the feeling that just reaching out your hand can touch the clouds. Coming to Cu Vai in the planting season, the giant mirrors precariously on the side of the mountain reflecting the clouds and sparkling sun.

Unique markets in Northwest Vietnam

Buffaloes sold at the market are brought from many different places. Besides buffaloes in the Northwest, there are also buffaloes in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. This "buffalo trading floor" not only sells buffalo for agricultural production, but also sells buffalo for slaughter, buffalo for fighting or buffalo for breeding.
The market is open from early morning to late afternoon. Each buffalo has a different value for money depending on age, weight or depending on shape, skin, legs, snout, horns. The buffalo sold at Bac Ha buffalo market is also about 20 million to 80 million VND.

Discover the unique mountain road in northwest Vietnam

In 1966, the cave was dug through the mountain, with a length of 500m. Today, this place has become the way for local people. The cave mouth is wide enough for a car or small truck of 1.5 - 2 tons to pass through, inside the cave, there are wide and narrow sections, difficult to navigate. There are places large enough to put a small Thai house on stilts. The road through the cave is the way for local people, during harvest time it is always crowded with people going in and out to buy and sell agricultural products.

Top 8 best things to do in Phu Quoc island

Talking about the "pearl island" of Phu Quoc, people often think of the endless white sand beach, the golden sun sparkling on the clear sea and the red sunset, as beautiful as stepping out of a magazine. But do you know that Phu Quoc not only has beautiful scenery but also has many interesting travel experiences? Whether you are looking for an experience of discovery, entertainment, relaxation or food, let's update more interesting activities and tourist attractions in Phu Quoc!.

10 best homestay in Hoi An with excellent view

An Nhien Homestay has 4 spacious fully furnished rooms, a balcony with beautiful garden and swimming pool views, a bar and a 24-hour front desk for your convenience. This homestay offers free WiFi and private parking. The accommodation features a terrace, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a bidet and a hairdryer. An Nhien Homestay serves a daily buffet breakfast. Guests of the property can enjoy cycling in the nearby area or relax in the garden.

Visit Quat Lam beach, detailed information and tips

Nam Dinh province has some beautiful beaches, if Hai Hau district is famous for beautiful Hai Thinh beach, Giao Thuy district is no less famous for Quat Lam beach with fresh and famous seafood market. Every summer, or on weekends, Quat Lam beach in Nam Dinh becomes more crowded and bustling because vacationers flock here. That's why, when it comes to Nam Dinh tourism, swimming in the sea is a fun activity that is most expected by many young people.

Visit 5 Largest National Parks In Vietnam

Recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world with more than 1000 species of animals and plants, Cat Tien National Park is an ideal destination for those who love the green color and purity that nature offers. Similar to Cuc Phuong garden, the most suitable time to visit Cat Tien garden is in the dry season, from late November to early April next year. At this time, the lake is clear blue and the weather is cool and dry, there is no scene of the roads.

Attractive places near Hanoi that you may not know

This will definitely be an ideal tourist destination, you can also participate in fishing activities to visit the Da river lake bed, go to Thac Bo floating market, Dua island, crow island, visit Muong village at night, you can rent a boat to the river to feel the unique features of the shimmering and fanciful scenery at night. The night fog spreads, the moon is dim, the lake is fragile, the mist floating in the mountains makes people feel like they are on a floating place.

Travel to Ca Mau and 10 best attractions for visitors

As one of the 13 provinces of the Southwest region, the river and garden culture is also a characteristic beauty that is easily found when tourists visit Ca Mau. On the Ganh Hao river in the center of the city, every day hundreds of large and small boats gather here to exchange and trade goods. All have created a bustling atmosphere mixed with something very personal, both rustic and lyrical at Ca Mau Floating Market. It is also because of the close and poetic beauty of the rustic life in the river.

Top 10 attractive destinations in Quang Tri province

In addition to valuable cultural and historical attractions, Quang Tri also attracts visitors with beautiful beaches, including Cua Tung beach. Cua Tung beach is located in Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province. The climate at the sea is quite cool, the average annual temperature is about 20-24 degrees, very suitable for relaxation, swimming as well as fun activities on the sea. The peak tourist season at Cua Tung usually falls in December - April.

How to travel Cao Bang in 2 days and things to do

In Cao Bang, each season has its own beauty. If you have never been here, no matter what season you travel, Cao Bang will bring you new and very special feelings. However, according to veteran travelers Cao Bang is most attractive at two times of the year. For those who want to visit Ban Gioc with it's beautiful blue water, they will choose the time from August to September every year.

How to visit Nam Du islands, detailed guide and tips

For intrepid travelers who go to Rach Gia by motorbikes, you can park your motorbike at Rach Gia. Around the port there are many places to keep the bikes overnight, mainly the motels on Nguyen Cong Tru street, the price ranges from 10.000 - 15.000 VND / day, or you can keep the bike at Thien Trang motel (26 Nguyen Cong Tru, Rach Gia) about 150 meters from the pier, price 10.000 VND /day, with a large and safe parking room.

Best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi

With a menu of nearly 70 dishes prepared by chefs over 30 years of experience in vegetarian cuisine from the ancient capital city of Hue and Saigon, Vegetarian Buffet Huong Thien will certainly satisfy all the vegetarians. Especially, the food here is 100% fresh ingredients, not use products with preservatives, so food is always clean and safe.
Price range: 100,000 - 150,000 VND / person.

Visit little-known ancient villages in Hanoi

Coming to the village, visitors will be overwhelmed and attracted by the unique and attractive architecture bearing the mark of time depicting on every brick and wall. Visitors will also have a chance to admire the gate of the village bearing bold Vietnamese mark with a traditional arch. It is a combination of solid red brick and vaulted roof like the roof of ancient pagodas in Vietnam.

Explore Hanoi by yourself

Located very close to Hoan Kiem Lake. It is also in the spot can not be ignored when traveling in Ha Noi land. The old town bears the most characteristic features of Hanoi. Also, when walking along the streets, do not forget to visit Dong Xuan Market, Dong Xuan Alley, Bach Ma Temple, Quan Chuong Gate or the 87 Ma May street's Old House, these are the famous spots in the Old Quarter.

How to visit Con Co island by yourself

Con Co island is about 30km from Cua Tung beach in Quang Tri province, then the first destination you need to reach is Quang Tri town, you can go by train, car or plane from Hanoi or Sai Gon, arriving in Dong Ha town you need to catch a taxi to the Cua Tung sea port for the ship to Con Co island. One thing you need to remember when you catch a taxi to the port is agree on the price first or pay by meter, it costs around 140.000 vnd (6$) by motorbike from Dong Ha town to Cua Tung and 300.000 vnd (13$) by taxi.

5 oldest pagodas in Sai Gon

Giac Vien pagoda has been through some major restoration in 1899, 1908 and most recently was in 1991. Giac Vien pagoda's architecture consists of two combined four-pillar houses, the front house is ceremonial hall, dedicated to Buddha, the back room as chanting hall and lounge, the two sides have two corridors East and West connected to the main corridor.
Giac Vien pagoda has 153 big and small statues.

10 most spectacular mountain passes in central Vietnam

Ngoan Muc pass runs along the steep slopes of the Ninh Son valley connection with Lang Biang plateau. With high-elevation mountain pass, stretching out 18,5km, Ngoan Muc pass is a formidable challenge to any driver on the journey from Da Lat to Phan Rang. Along Ngoan Muc pass is green forests, waterfalls, and patches of white clouds. The road is a steep transition between the coastal plains to the southern central highlands of Dalat with romantic charm and grandeur.

Wonderful trekking Ta Nang to Phan Dung

The trekking route Ta Nang - Phan Dung through 3 provinces Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan. Starting point is Ta Nang commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong, about 60km south of Da Lat city. Finish point is the mountainous commune of Phan Dung in Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan. Total length of the journey is 55 km stretch of road through the jungle, streams, moving from a height of 1,100 m by 500 m above sea level. This is the transition land from highland to central coastal plateau.

Travel to Dong Cao

Dong Cao is the destination between the valley covered by haze almost throughout the year, the mountains overlapping in the distance, sometimes a little house built with mud or earth situated on the hillside, but it's quite fun to come here. Last time when I was here there were no electricity as Son Dong is the poorest district in Bac Giang, therefore remember to charge your phone or camera battery full before coming to Dong Cao.

Travel Vietnam, what luggage should visitors bring

Travel Vietnam, what luggage should visitors bring

Tourists tend to bring too many clothes when travelling, but we recommend that you put on those clothes lightweight, easy to wear and carry just enough, on the days with much moving you should wear loose clothing, light and cool. laundry services are available at hotels and on the streets every big city and don't carry shoes unless you do the trekking in muddy terrains, a pair of soft sandals per person is sufficient. Sleeping bag is not needed for your trip if you travel to big cities.

How to travel from Hoi An to Mui Ne

How to travel from Hoi An to Mui Ne

If you prefer to go by bus you have to spend a lengthy journey which cost almost a day however in return visitors will have a chance to enjoy spectacular sceneries with picturesque villages along the central coast of Vietnam, many transport companies organize open buses for international tourists which cost about 25 usd per person, travel by bus from Hoi An to Mui Ne is pretty convenient as the buses are clean and follow time schedule carefully.

Visit Phu Quoc island

Beach in Phu Quoc island

Not only that, watching the sunset from Dinh Cau cape, admire the red sun slowly sink into the amniotic fluid seabed is fascinating sight that one would rarely missed. One of the best thing to do in Phu Quoc is to rent a motorbike and discover the island your way, if you love seafood please go to Ham Ninh port where fishing boats come and go every morning, Ham Ninh is known as the only place to buy Sea Horse, considered to be very good for men. In the night time tourists can take a walk to Dinh Cau night market, buy souvenirs and food. Phu Quoc island is also famous for fish sauce and pepper, said to be the best fish sauce in Vietnam. Visitors to Phu Quoc cannot miss Phu Quoc prison, built under French rule to capture activists of Cummunist movement.

Unique markets in Vietnam

Vieng market in Nam Dinh

Also meeting only once a year, here is a longstanding fair, attracting thousands of tourists every year to "buy good luck, selling risk". The market starts on the evening of 7th and 8th January on lunar calendar, the market is in Nam Truc and Vu Ban district of Nam Dinh province.
Both sellers and buyers do not lay too much emphasis on trading and profits, they come here to get good luck, with the desire to have a year of favourable weather and prosperity. Previously only farm equipment were sold in Vieng market, especially knives, hammers, plowshares...Today people bring with them many different products and make the market more exciting.

Lai Chau travel guide

Lai Chau town in Vietnam

Weekly market brings together many traditional cultures, it is the crossroad of the customs of ethnic minorities, visitors should not miss the unique and original markets, this fair is the meeting place, exchange love of young boys and girls as well as bartering local products of the ethnic groups. It's interesting to see throughout the streets, in the early morning, groups of people talking and laughing, walking their horses or carry goods on their back making their way to market. In the noise of trade, the songs by the girls and sound of flute can be heard somewhere, courting each other, in colorful dresses flock to the market, prominently appear on the mountain and forest background. The whole northwest mountain seems awakening by the footsteps of market goers.

Best places in Vietnam to get away from Summer heat

Tam Dao mountain

Bach Ma national park, Hue city
At the height of 1,500 meters and near the sea, Bach Ma mountain has most pleasant climates in the highlands of Vietnam in particular and Indochina countries in general. The resort on the mountain was built by the French in the 1930s. Guests do not forget to explore the natural beauty of Bach Ma National Park.
Phia Oac peak, Cao Bang province
Located on an altitude of nearly 2,000 m, Phia OacOac is like a paradise for tourists interested in explorations. Coming to this place one not only enjoys the cool air (always less than 15 degrees Celsius), but also explore a series of abandoned villas built during French colonial times along with paranormal stories.

Paracel islands of Vietnam

Paracel islands of Vietnam

During the 17th and especially 18th centuries, more maps clearly indicated the position, geographical features, and relationship of Hoang Sa to Dang Trong (Inner Half an area of Vietnamese southward expansion in the past).
However, most of these maps still included Hoang Sa in the Indies or East Indies.
Not until the early 19th century when the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), Vietnam s last monarchy, was formed and fully asserted Vietnamese sovereignty did Western maps officially recognize Hoang Sa as belonging to Vietnam.

Spratly islands of Vietnam

Spratly islands of Vietnam

The Spratly Islands are located in the southeastern Vietnam, including a group of more than 100 islands, reefs and atolls scattered from the west to the east about nearly 350 sea miles wide, and from the north to the south about over 360 sea miles. The nearest island is the Truong Sa Island, which is about 250 sea miles from the Cam Ranh Port of Khanh Hoa Province. In the Truong Sa archipelago, there are many such islands which are inhabited. For example, Nam, L?n, Thuy?n Ch i, C Lin, Len ao, Ti n N?, N y Le, T?c Tan, D ng, T y, L t and Th?. On each of them stand a few little houses, small but solid and resistant to strong winds with a living room, a kitchen, a meeting room, a gym and a few bedrooms. These islands are connected by bridges whose names are taken from bridges in the soldiers native villages.

Horse fighting in Ha Giang

Horse fighting in Ha Giang

While the gladiators fought hard to win the prize for the owner and a special bonus for himself, a lot of audiences in neighboring communes watching every trick, then discuss every moment of the game, there are both young and elderly people. Hoang Van Le, 78 years old said some decades ago in the war against the French and then the American this area was a revolution stronghold, almost all families have horses, the horses were used to transport goods, bring people through the mountain as there were no road" Le continued "there used to be many many horses, in recent years people use motorbike for transportation and they have sold all their horses, it is doubtful if there is any more horse in the commune, the fighting horses today are from other places, not this commune, my family also has a horse.

Vietnam village landscape

Vietnam village landscape

The bamboo hedge, in some cases reinforced by an earth embankment and a moat, turns the small rural community into a green islet in the middle of a sea of rice fields. It protects the villagers against bandits as well as typhoons, and supplies materials for the repair or construction of temples, bridges, markets and other public works. It usually has four gates (north, south, east, west), sometimes fewer, which are closed at nightfall by guards. Before the main en trance, banian or ceiba trees cast refreshing shade where farmers returning from the fields or travellers can rest while drinking a cup of tea at a stall nestled among them. One may visualize in this way a village in the delta of north Vietnam, the cradle of the nation. It has kept many of these traditional traits in spite of changes brought about by western influence and urbanization.

Wild beauty of Binh Lap village

Binh Lap beach, Cam Ranh

In the experience of free travelers, to discover all the beauty of Binh Lap one should start from Binh Ba Island (famous for delicious lobster) and turn around the Binh Lap peninsula with different modes of transport, It is recommended to bring along a camere for underwater shooting as it is impossible to ignore the great pictures in the ocean.
Previously, Binh Lap was also known as a destination gem hunters, they said that the terrain of Binh Lap was on the foothills of God mountain (between Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan provinces) and precious stones were accumulated in the forest and rivers.

That Khe, land of seven springs

That Khe, Lang Son

Our journey ended at Ang Mo (or Tan Tien), linked by a new 24 kilometre road to That Khe. Here we visited a few households, two Dzao and one Tay. The Dzao were wasting away from opium smoking, but the Tay were rather prosperous from the products of hunting and gathering, foodcrop growing, and poultry raising. But the area as a whole was steeped in boredom. It is certainly a good thing that the Swedish - Vietnam Fund for the Promotion of Culture has decided to give Ang Mo a wire - broadcast network of loudspeakers serving 300 households (about 1800 members).

Visit Quan Ho land in Bac Ninh

Quan Ho singers

Going to Tien Du district on 12 and 13 January every lunar year, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the Lim fold song festival, this is a major festival in Bac Ninh, the definition is regarded as the cultural uniqueness of Kinh Bac region. Festival attracts many people from all over the country, most of them young men and women, they come to sing with local folk artists, especially since they Bac Ninh's Quan Ho folk music was recognized by Unesco as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2009 , the festival has become increasingly busy and attract more foreign visitors.

Wading in the streets of Hanoi

Hanoi West lake

At the turn of the century the French colonial administration in its plans of urbanization had in mind a Hanoi of about 100.000 inhabitants. By now the figure has gone beyond the million mark. Thirty years of war have played havoc with the sewer system, to say nothing of its aging. Along the centuries, the Red River, changing its course several times, had left here and there in the city a myriad ponds and lakes of various sizes which serve as natural outfalls for rain water. Because of the population explosion, aggravated by land speculation, those natural overflows have shrunk. As a result, for some years now, Hanoi streets are submerged after each prolonged downpour.

Autumn in Hanoi

Autumn in Hanoi

The approach of autumn in Hanoi is heralded toward late August by mild weather and gusts of a dry and cool wind called gi heo may. The landscape, less gorgeous than in Europe, assumes a discreet charm , particularly in September and October: clear and transparent blue sky , blond light, lotus dying in the ponds , morning mist blurring the shapes of weeping willows on the banks of the Lake of the Restored Sword. The trees generally keep their greenness although a few dead leaves flutter to the ground.
Drips of Autumn Rain is the title of a musical work by the young composer ang The Phong, who died prematurely of consumption. Its notes and lyrics sang in the hearts whole generation, even in the depth of jungles during the First Indochina War.

Crossing the Red River

Long Bien bridge

My former professor of Mathematics ,Mr.Hoang Xuan Han,a polytechnician, Sinologist and vietnamologist now residing in Paris, has commented in an interview : There is really a geographical space,distinct from that of China and on which was born an autonomous culture.It can be said that this space at first straddled the present Sino-Vietnamese border and extended from Yunnan to the delta of the Red River.

Vietnam on the mandarin road

Vietnam on the mandarin road

The stretch across Mount Trong was infernal torture. The travellers had to chop their way through the bush while their feet , despite the protection of thick rush sandals,bled from cuts caused by knife-sharp rocks. At night the two students and their servants would sleep in hammocks strung between the branches of a big tree It was so dark. The night would be shattered by the hooting of owls, the chattering of monkeys and the roaring of tigers. A cold wind would bring with it whiffs of some fetid odour. In his fever-troubled sleep.

Cham island in Hoi An

Cham island in Hoi An

About the ships to the island - you have to go to Hoi An and ask for directions to the Bach Dang pier (people also call this market pier Cu Lao Cham). There are two kinds of ships Cu Lao Cham as vessels freeway Greenlines and market ones (timber ships). There is also smaller speedboat that goes faster (only takes about 25 minutes). If one likes to feel strong and want to save time, buy train tickets from travel companies.

Exploring Vietnam arts

Vietnam arts

Collecting art may well be the last thing on your mind when you set of on Vietnam tours; but neglect this aspect of Vietnamese culture and you will be missing out. The country boasts a rich history of wonderful art, with diverse influences that range from Chinese culture to more contemporary Western inspirations.

Vietnam travel destinations

Vietnam travel destinations

If you're looking for an experience in Vietnam that is more than just the standard Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi stop-off, you're in luck. The rest of the country is just as fascinating, and wildly beautiful as well...

Package tours to Vietnam

Mekong delta

One of the biggest challenges anyone looking to visit any single country is finding enough spots to visit or things to do. This might not seem like that big of a problem while you're planning your visit. However, once you start traveling in any one country, you may quickly find yourself having little to do or visit after you've visited the country's 'main attraction.' This might seem weird as you read this but you can easily burn out when you're traveling in a country and its main attractions look too similar or feel to similar to each other...

Cu Chi tunnels, underground maze

Cu Chi tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels are located fairly close to the heart of the American-sponsored South Vietnamese government. This fact alone highlights the amount of danger the Vietnamese faced when they built these tunnels. Mostly done under cover of night, a lot of tunnel sections faced constant bombardment and attacks from the Americans and the South Vietnamese government. Regardless of how much pressure the Viet Cong faced, the tunnels were constructed and they did their job-hiding rebel troops, moving rebels around, and storing much-needed munitions and supplies to keep the guerrilla war in South Vietnam...

Hue of Vietnam

rice terraces in Vietnam

Vietnam has been at war for thousand and thousand of years. They have been ruled by France, China and been at battle with many others for years. It wasnt until 1975 that the country finally experineced Peace. The Vietnamese have always wanted independence but someone always wanted to rule the country for its riches. So the only way to be free was to fight. ANd let me tell you something. The Vietnamese are probably the strongest fighters ever. They kicked everyones assess. ANd not with bombs but with smarts. The guerillas used incredible tactics to overpower their enenemies even though they possessed far more powerful weapons...

Sai Gon to Hanoi

Hoan Kiem lake

After breakfast we visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. HCM is affectionately known as Uncle Ho here and is greatly revered. The queues to go and see his embalmed body are enormous and it is a place of pilgrimage for all Vietnamese. He is seen as the liberator of the Vietnamese from the French and Americans. It is bizarre seeing his body, it was all a bit Madame Tussauds for me. A not to be missed event in Hanoi but perhaps a once in a lifetime experience! I found the museum dedicated to his life and works far more interesting...

Vietnam mix feelings

Vietnam mix feelings

 The rest of the day, to me, felt stressful - because of the heat and humidity, but mainly because of the presence and the noise of the motorbikes. One place set, right in the middle of the madness, somehow managed to block the noise out and give the impression you were almost somewhere out in the countryside. The beautiful, 11th century Temple of Literature (5,000d) is Vietnam's historical centre of learning and principal Confucian sanctuary.